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Cheese Factory

La Via Lattea

Goat cheese artisan

The Story










In 1997 LAVIALATTEA began its adventure in the production of goat cheese using milk from their

own goats, choosing to use raw milk and aiming at a high quality

niche production

The cheese










Following these courses, some more processes were added; the number of varieties climbed from 35 at the beginning to the over 100 current varieties and they began to research old cheese making techniques

Why raw milk?










We chose to work with raw milk (and even unpasteurized curd!) at the beginning of our journey 

because we wanted to make a quality product that responded to the nutritional needs

Cheese Factory LaViaLattea


Via Provinciale per Verdello, 33
Brignano Gera d’Adda
Tel. 0363 817001

Fax. 0363 1970248

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